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About 'Brutal love'
  Hi, anyone to remember 'Brutal love'
  I'd been so busy,  an experience of  being a rolling stone? 
  I think I know how Sam Tyler feel until he shag with his boss:D, just a little bit.
  I had to stop writing. Just not enough time to do it.
  And I had some doubt about my capacity to write an english fic. 
  I couldn't say I was confident enough.
  Still having someone to miss my stories felt good. Quite surprise to me, I say.
  Now I finish the next chapter of Brutal love. 
  Still I worried about coming back again, it'd been a long time.
  And my devoted beta is busy now instead of me. Because very good things happen to her. I'm happy for her.
  Congratulation, my fantastic beta wobble-duck!  I'm dying to spill her private news! :D
  Anyway this is a very long story, I can't finish it without support. Not sure I can get another beta.
  Even now I don't have enough free time, I just want to finish it so I try, but things not easy.  
  Under the circumstances, I have to think more. Actually I don't know what to do.
  So please understand me, if I can't be done with it.
  Still I may write shorter fics sometimes.  
  I hope it'd be an answer to someone waiting this fic. Sorry for that it's not hopeful.

 Thank you. Take care.